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Congratulations to Taylor May

The Behrend Chapter would like to congratulate brother Taylor May for becoming Vice President of Order of Omega at Behrend.

Order of Omega is an honor society which recognizes students “who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities…” and it is an absolute privilege to be among their ranks. To attain an officer status within Order of Omega shows the dedication to Greek life and pride that brother May has in Delta Chi and it shows that other members of Greek Life see it, too.

Join us in congratulating brother Taylor May on his accomplishment!

Delta Chi Behrend wins over 10 Greek Awards & Greek Week

Post Greek Awards

The Delta Chi gentlemen just brought home over 10 Greek Awards as voted on by a national committee. Additionally, the boys are THREE-PEAT Greek Week Champions!

Donations for Tonka


James with Former "AA" and Behrend "BB" Emeritus Bill Williams

Update: It is with the heaviest of hearts that we inform our brothers and friends that James “Tonka” Warren has passed away as of February 18th, 2016. May he forever rest in peace.

Update 2: We have stopped the fundraising campaign, after raising over $1,500 for our dearly departed friend. We thank everyone who has participated and supported our friend, every donation is greatly appreciated. This page will stand as a memorial for James Warren.

In 2006 Delta Chi selected a national philanthropic endeavor, to support the Jimmy V Foundation in their efforts in the field of cancer research.

More recently, the Behrend Chapter of Delta Chi has been impacted directly by the scourge that is cancer. Our brother, James Ryan “Tonka” Warren (Alpha Lambda, Spring 2007), has battled cancer, but recently posted on Facebook that he knows, sadly, it is a battle he is losing. His message follows:


What’s up everyone? This is your friend neighborhood Tonka. “With great power…comes great responsibility.” and I feel I have a responsibility to let you all know.

So as you all know I have been dealing with some health issues and time is short. I feel it. I know no one knows exactly the time they go but I would feel lucky to make it to next week. My body is but a shell of its former self and isn’t getting better. But my mind is still strong and I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without my incredible support system…all of you. And there are no words I can offer up but thank you and I love you.

For those of you worried about my soul, I have made my peace with Jesus. For those of you who never thought you would hear me say that, stranger things have happened. I pray you all find Jesus. Don’t let ridiculous people calling themselves Christians ruin Jesus for you.

So now back to me. Please support my family when the time comes. I know it will be tough for you but they watched me waste away and that can’t be easy. Be there for each as I would have been there for you. If I counted you as a friend then you know what a friend of Tonka means. I love you all.

And remember:
The power is yours!
May the force be with you.
And never give up! Never surrender!


Although the Behrend Chapter will obviously participate in future fundraisers for the Jimmy V Foundation to continue battling cancer at large, the undergraduate brothers and alumni of the Behrend chapter feel strongly that our friend, our brother, and his family deserve our help. We wish to collect donations to assist with final expenses, medical bills, and any other expenses or debts that may have accrued during this battle.
You can donate via PayPal, using a credit card, even if you do not already have a PayPal account (see bottom left of donation page).
To encourage any and all donations possible, the amount donated will remain anonymous, but Tonka and his family will be given a list of names in the end. Your donation, whether $5, $50, or $500 WILL help, there is no doubt whatsoever. Donations will be collected by the Behrend Chapter of Delta Chi and the family will be presented with a check when all is finished. If you prefer, you can discuss with James’ brother Terrance making a donation directly to the family. But James touched so many lives in our Behrend community of Greek-lettered organizations, we felt it fitting to honor him in this way. The duration of this fund raiser has not yet been specified, and there is no “goal” amount – we want to encourage anyone to give anything they can, without the pressures of meeting a certain limit.

Details for this weekend’s 25th anniversary Formal Banquet!

Peek’n Peak
1405 Old Rd,
Clymer, NY 14724

Our banquet will be held in a building on the Peek’n Peak property known as “The Retreat.”

5 PM: Cocktail hour.
6 PM: Dinner is served. Awards and dancing to follow!

Reserve your spot at the alumni ceremony NOW!


Fellow Alumni, at the upcoming formal, we will be hosting an Alumni Ceremony prior to the festivities. Our plan is to meet in a conference room at 3:30, April 11th, shortly before formal begins at 5 PM (dinner at 6!). We have received interest, but in order to ensure we are not wasting money on reserving the conference room at Peek n’ Peak (a $50 fee), we also need to be certain we have the appropriate supplies prior to the ceremony. We are requesting people RSVP to this by paying via PayPal (see the button below). Payment for this ceremony can be accepted at the time of the ceremony, but we need to know how many are attending, so if you are not paying via the PayPal button below but would like to go through the ceremony, please email right now and let us know you will be joining us.

The cost of this ceremony is $35 ($30 sent to Delta Chi International Headquarters, $5 towards the room reservation). Again, payments can be made by clicking the link below, or on the day of the ceremony, but we need to know how many pins to order, so please email (don’t hesitate, deadline to register for the Alumni ceremony is the same as RSVP’s for formal, March 23rd).

“This ceremony is the third step towards full understanding of the values of Delta Chi and your new role as a supporter and mentor for future generations of Delta Chi brothers… Delta Chi is something you can stay involved with on many different levels well after you have left college. Only with alumni support can we guarantee future generations the opportunity to be Delta Chi brothers.”

RSVP & Pay for Formal TODAY!

The 25th Annual White Carnation Formal will be held on April 11th, and this year, you have the option of paying and submitting your RSVP on the website!

Congratulations to Beta Beta class!

The Associate Member class of Beta Beta was initiated last night, December 6th, 2014.  Congratulations to the 19 young men who completed the Associate Member process and have fully joined our Fraternity!  We’re proud to welcome them to our brotherhood and look forward to continuing to mature our bond, both in school, and beyond!  As one of our founders, Peter S. Johnson once said: “The Fraternity man never graduates. He receives his diploma and leaves his Alma Mater for the larger affairs of the world, but as long as his Chapter stands, he is as much and parcel of it as in his undergraduate days. His success is theirs and their success is his. He belongs to the family for life.”

Spaghetti Dinner Success



As our inaugural post to the new website, we have a great tradition to remind everyone of: last night, the chapter, hosted an annual rush event that simply consists of a Spaghetti Dinner.  A simple tradition, it is always a great way to kick off the fall semester and bring those interested to our Chapterhouse!  We would like to thank those who attended and look forward to informing you of other upcoming events!