It was the Founders’ belief that Delta Chi has a responsibility to its members to promote an atmosphere that encourages academic achievement.  This is not just an individual matter.  As you may recall from your days as an undergraduate student, without a large alumni base to draw from yet, there were a lot of responsibilities when it came to managing the chapter and the house.  With tuition costs at all time highs, students are having to work part time jobs to make their own ends meet.  Add on top of  that the pressures and responsibilities that come with being a member of a social college fraternity and it can be overwhelming.

Let us not forget that we, as a chapter, are still paying on the mortgage of the chapterhouse at a very high percent of interest, all while trying to maintain and improve the property itself.  Donations to the chapter go a long way.  This money is not collected and used to ease dues, or throw parties, or buy unnecessary items for the house; donations will be brought to the attention of the Alumni Board of Trustees and representatives of the BUN Housing Corporation, and needs of the chapter and the property will be discussed and voted on by a board of alumni to ensure the money is being used where it is most needed.

Donations can be made instantly, online, by PayPal:

To send a check, you may make checks payable to Delta Chi Fraternity Behrend Chapter and mail them to the same address you remember.
3316 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510